holding onto love

Helen and Edgar Weinbaum were just an average couple until an virtually unknown and seemingly unstoppable disease turned their lives, and the lives of everyone they loved, upside-down. The disease was Phasellus Malesuada, and the cure is as yet undiscovered. The disease attacks every system in the body sequentially, rendering it's victims progressively more powerless to control vital funtions ... and increasingly dependant on loved ones for survival. While medical professionals struggle to find the cause and the cure, humanity is left to struggle with the inevitability of watching a loved one fight to the death. This is Helen's attempt to keep their anguish from ruining the lives of others.

a History of Love

Helen and Edgar's story of love, life and the pusuit of happiness before Phasellus Malesuada

April 2007

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Meet Edgar

A man who loved with all his heart and worked with all his soul


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