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Crapshoot is a monthly subscription e-zine addressing life issues faced by real people everyday. our goal is to provide a safe place in which to discuss political theory, religious divirsity, artistic subjectivity, and even peer presure. Please see our Term & Conditions for a full expanation of rule and regulations reguiring active participation within this site.

Staff writers and artists each submit a minimum of one piece per week for comment and critique in a "blog" style form. We curently host three staff writers, each with their own style and choice of subject matter. Listed to the right you will find their bios and a breakdown of interests. In addition two artists, will display original works for critique, discussion and sale. We offer secure check-out but require proof of age and valid credit information for any such transactions.

try out a free one month trial simply by Registering If at the end of your trial you wish to cancel click here type your username and password, and the word "cancel" in the spaces provided. if you do not cancel your subscription after the first month, we will bill your chosen credit card $3.95 each month that you choose to remain with us. Alternative payment arrangments can be made by contacting us

To become a crapshoot artist or writer, submit your bio, resume, and a few samples of your work to us at:

Crapshoot E-zine
3131 Dry Breeze Blvd
Suite 426
Boulder CO 66852

or email your documents to:

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